“Take Your Crocodile Tears And Go Talk To Your Publicist”

Hey guys!  Welcome to my first EVER Basketball Wives Blog!  I am really excited to blog for you this season!  Tune in every Monday night after every show and check out the real truth about everything that has happened on each episode!  I will also have giveaways too!

Okay, I am going to get right into the problems that I have with Jennifer during tonight’s episode.

Let me get something clear…I ONLY fought with Royce because I am LOYAL and was taking up for my former friend Jennifer!  The beef between Royce and I would have never happened (clearly she forgot) if it weren’t for her.  And, the ONLY reason why Suzie and I had words is because she couldn’t keep her mouth shut about my personal business!

Now…on to the last scene.  Jen knew what I was upset about and has known for a while. The actual discussion during the last scene of the show was actually longer, but due to editing was shortened.

Prior to the radio interview, blogs or any interviews that Jen has done I never betrayed or had a conversation about her relationship with Eric.  I am usually the first person the media will approach for a comment on Jen’s relationship because at the time, I was the closest to her.  Media outlets used to contact me all the time last season because Eric and Jen were separating.  Have you EVER known me to comment on her relationship or personal life via any media outlet?  Of course not because I am LOYAL.

Her comment tonight, “I can F*** whoever I want to F***, I’m not marrying no damn athlete!” was again, very hurtful. Basically she is still dissing my relationship and my fiancé.  What type of so-called friend would have the audacity to do that?  And why would she contradict herself?  Didn’t you just say on the show “I can f*** whoever I want to F***, I’m not marrying no damn athlete!”   I don’t get it!  Whether you are having sex with, marrying, dating or not you are still sleeping with athletes and my man happens to be an athlete!  DUH!  That would be the same type of person!

And what is so crazy is that Jen was OUT having “relations” with athletes and trying to play the innocent role on the show.  Last season Jen was dating, however, she acted as though she wasn’t to viewers.  At least, I give our viewers ALL of me; I don’t lie to any of you guys regarding my personal life, friendships, etc.

We have been friends for twelve years and at the end of the day, talking smack about my fiancé is OFF LIMITS.  I don’t care in what capacity, I make certain not to discuss Shaunie, Tami’s or Jen’s personal life when I am doing interviews.  It is called LOYALTY.  The comments that Jen carelessly made about my relationship is an issue and she was not being a real friend.

Once Chad proposed, do you realize that Jen NEVER congratulated me…she didn’t say anything positive, never took time out to meet Chad…nothing.  You would think she would have at least wanted to give me a bridal shower or something.  What type of best friend is that?!  All of the crocodile tears is for show, it’s fake…she did this to herself.  Jen showed me her true colors and I am done with her.

This is very hurtful to me because I thought she was a true friend, I was loyal and I seriously thought she would have been happy for me.  We were friends for twelve years and regardless she has judged Chad and me.  Meanwhile, she is doing the same thing.  I hope this clarifies a few things for everyone.

Until next Monday my loves…

“Take Your Crocodile Tears and Go Talk To Your Publicist”

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