"It's Leaning..."

Hi guys, I thought I’d start on the softer side of tonight’s show. My girl Tami brought me to tears tonight. I had no idea she’d been harboring such a dark past especially because her exterior is always so strong. As much time as I’ve spent with Tami, I never knew she was raped. Listening to her confront her own issues with the Anger Management specialists makes me really realize that our struggles are just a preview of the blessings to come. I respect Tami for sharing this and I’m sure there are so many women out there that can relate to her story. I value loyalty and I understand how deep rooted issues come into play in dealing with current situations. Tami’s bravery has inspired me to look at my life and how I handle my own problems…Not sure if I’m ready to tackle Anger Management (although Lord knows I probably need it) but it definitely has me thinking of better ways to handle problems.
What did you guys think about my sister Sylvia tonight? Isn’t she amazing!!! When I pray for her and my brother-in-law Anthony, each day, I find myself really thinking about marriage and the level of commitment it takes. Their love sets the bar and I pray that God blesses me with the strength and love that mirrors my sister’s. She is an example of what a real wife, mother and woman looks like. Seeing her being pampered at our spa day made my heart smile. She deserves all the love and happiness her heart and hands can hold.
Now on to KENYA! What in the world is going on in that girl’s head (no pun intended)? That weave-wig has to go…like now! Seriously, before she continues to pursue her singing career (and to her credit, she can sing) yet she needs to set up an appointment with @tamiroman’s glam squad, quick like and in a hurry.  If Kenya really took the time to tweak her look, she might have a chance.
The beef between her and Kesha is a mess. I don’t really know what to say. I think Kenya could have come at Kesha a little better especially since Kesha is the thorough and professional type. I know we are filming and we approach things when we meet up however Kenya should’ve had that conversation with Kesha in private. There was no need to throw a jab like that in front of all those people. I’m all about keeping it 100 but that was a bit much.Finally, I just want to say how much I love filming with Shaunie and Tami, those two really crack me up. No matter how many ups and down we go through, I smile and laugh the hardest when we’re in each other’s presence.
Until next week…Stay blessed and prayed up!

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