Who Wants A Spa Day?!

If Chad can feed 200 people Soul Food then I can spoil a few of my fans with spa days in your local City!!  That’s right!  I am going to pamper my pretty fans with a spa day!  I recently went to the spa for 8 hours last week and I left feeling soooo good and I want you guys to experience the same.  I know life can get tough, you may be stressed out with your marriage, job, friends, a sickness, etc…I understand.  Or, you may just want to have a special day because it’s your birthday or anniversary!  I recently took my sister to the spa as you saw on the show and for a moment she was able to relax. So, let me hear about it!  Send me an email with the subject “SPA DAY” to fanmail@evelynlozada.com and tell me your story.

Woodhouse Day Spa in Plano, TX (Dallas) at The Shops of Legacy has offered up a wonderful spa day package for one of my lucky fans!  So, the first spa package will go to  someone in the Dallas area! Woo-Hoo!!  I hear this spa is the best! Check them out http://www.plano.woodhousespas.com/.  Follow them on Twitter too @WoodhousePlano, it will definitely help your chances!


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