This week’s episode was full of forgiveness and lies revealed.  After the dinner at Phillipes while we were standing outside, it was really the wrong time for Kenya to tell me about her 5th grade friend.  Kenya has bad timing, she is trying too hard to fit in and it’s ridiculous.

I may have had a bit of alcohol in me at dinner, but I definitely don’t need liquid courage where Jennifer is concerned.  The truth will be revealed and everyone will see along with those contacts how fake she really is.  I have always been a loyal friend and there is much more behind the scenes that the audience doesn’t know about and one day it will come to light.  As the old saying goes, ‘people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones’.

I really did feel bad for Kesha because she does seem like a genuine and nice person and I like her.  I was very open to chat with her and get things straightened out.  I’m not a bad person, I want to get to know her and start on the right foot again because I really wasn’t trying to throw her under the bus.  I have Kesha’s back and the way Kenya reacted sitting back like a giggling Hyena at dinner relishing on the fact that someone else was the prey this time instead of her was pathetic.  Something is just not right with that girl and she has to stop trying so hard!  It’s annoying!

I have such good times with Tami, she cracks me up, “STOMP AND HIT”, that girl is a fool!

On to this group convo…

We had to get everything out in the open and figure out who was lying.  It felt good to not be in the middle of all the crap for once and I was finally happy to be the mediator!  Kesha was the only one telling the truth during this conversation and when she told me Kenya said I was LOOSE, being the mediator didn’t last for long!  I know BI-POLAR Betty didn’t try to call me loose?  You have amnesia in my face, but during the solo interviews you all of a sudden remember saying that about me?!?  And, I see how you threw Royce under the bus…good move. Let me give you a tip Kenya, the next time you try to give me some advice regarding friends, why don’t you first consult with a make-up artist and find the correct foundation to match your skin tone!  GTFOH Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

Until Next Monday…



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