“Kitten Heels”

I’m going to make this blog short and sweet because we all saw what happened tonight on the show.

What you don’t know is when the producers want to bring on potential new cast members, normally they’ll pre-film to see if the girls have a personality.  Kenya tried to tell us that she had never watched Basketball Wives before.  However, we all knew that she was a fan of the show and came into the situation trying to talk shit so the producers would notice her.  Naturally, the producers are going to look at her and think, “We got something here!”  To sum it up, talking reckless about me helped her get on the show.  *claps hands* Good job Crazy As Hell Kenya Bell, happy that I was able to keep you relevant.

For me, it honestly wasn’t about the loose comment; it was the fact that Kenya was judging, being negative and talking shit. She doesn’t know anything about me, however, she came on the show smiling in my face trying to be my friend, and all the while she was doing her little round table with other cast members and referring to me as being “loose”.  That’s fake right?  Tami, Suzie and I were so confused when we tried to get to the bottom of what Kenya really said and it’s sickening that she can’t keep up with her own fucking lies.  And what is even more sickening is the fact that Kenya was trying to channel Jennifer and Tami.  She gave up the kitten heels for Louboutins and turned the leaning wig in for a curly weave.  Let me stop, because at dinner, she actually looked more like someone’s Auntie.

The difference between most women and me is that I don’t hide my past and never will.  I believe in keeping it 100!  I refuse to act like someone that I’m not.  Would you rather me be fake or real with you?

On a serious note, things went a little far and I could have handled the situation differently. I may feel a certain way about Kenya, but I know that I shouldn’t have thrown that bottle.  I could have seriously injured her or one of my cast mates.  I own up to what I did and admit my anger did get the best of me.

But…I’m still mad at her fucking Kitten Heels.



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