I'm Out For Blood!

Hey guys!  Sorry for the late blog post, I had an appearance last
night and didn’t have time to complete!  Now, let’s talk about the show.

Wow…another interesting night on Basketball Wives!  Yes, I did throw
the bottle and last week I owned up to the fact that I shouldn’t have
because I could have seriously hurt someone.  My anger did get the
best of me, which is something I’m working on and I’m really happy and
thankful that Tami got in the middle.

Since we are on the subject of Kenya, I do think she has a beautiful
voice but it’s everything else about her that’s a hot mess! Kenya
seriously needs a make-under!  LMAO And, the scene with everyone
watching and critiquing the video was pretty hilarious.  I don’t
understand why Kenya would have set herself up like that.

Let’s get to the truth regarding the Jen and Royce meeting and you
know I will keep it 100!  Jen didn’t want to film that scene, she did
it because she needed camera time.  This was something that was
forced.  You know I hear everything behind the scenes and she was def
off it!  Not to mention, I find it ironic that she would apologize to
Royce, but hasn’t apologized to me yet.

The scene with Tami & her mom had me almost in tears!  I can’t imagine
what that feels like!  Even though I was a teen parent, I made sure to
tell my daughter that I loved her on a daily basis. I met Tami’s mom
and she’s super sweet, you can def tell there’s love there.

Let me give you the back story on Nia and Jen.  These ladies had their
own friendship outside of me, they went on vacations together,
celebrated birthdays, and slept at each others homes.  Jen even wanted
to be Nia’s roommate at one time.  Nia was a very loyal friend to
Jennifer, when Jen hurt, Nia hurt and vice-versa.  Things only begin
to change when Jen became an F-List celebrity and forgot who her
“real” friends were.

That’s all I have to say for now…things will get very interesting
later….keep watching!

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