My YRB Spread!

Photo Credit: Carlos Arias

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

I wanted to share my spread from the July/August issue of YRB magazine!  I was absolutely thrilled with the images and the outstanding work by the YRB team.  As you can see I’m rocking a sexy braid, which is a style I have never worn before, but I really like it!

Highlights from the interview:

YRB: Aside from the actual wedding, what else can we expect to see on Ev & Ocho?

Evelyn: You’ll get to see a different side of Evelyn and Chad. Especially me, since I was on Basketball Wives, which had a lot of cattiness. With this show, you get to see me with my family, and how Chad and I interact with one another. Our show is a family show with a twist. I’m happy that I get to show a different side of me outside of the drama [Laughs].

YRB: Do you feel that reality TV and social media are double-edged swords, whereas they give the viewer or follower an untrue sense of what really goes on in these people’s lives?

Evelyn: I’m huge with Twitter and social networking, but it is a double-edged sword. It can be an amazing tool. In a few months, I sold 1.5 million t-shirts through Twitter. I use Twitter to run my business. But you also have those people that use Twitter to create drama. Thank God for the block button.

YRB: What motivates you?

Evelyn: Besides my daughter, it would be the fans. When I do my book signings, I’m almost always in tears. There’s always someone there that touches my heart. They tell me their stories, and it’s always those stories that keeps me motivated and keeps me going.

YRB: How do you feel about the phrase “role model” being used to describe you?

Evelyn: Until recently, I was fighting to accept the fact that people are putting me in that position. I’m human just like you are. I make mistakes. Just from meeting people at my book signings, I know I have a lot of people that support me. I’m accepting of that now. Knowing I have so many eyes watching me lets me know I need to be a better example for younger children. It’s a little tough sometimes, but now I get it [Laughs].

YRB: What would you like readers to walk away knowing about you?

Evelyn: I have more to offer than what you see on Basketball Wives. I want people to know that I’m an amazing businesswoman, and I’m soon to be an amazing wife. There’s a whole other side to Evelyn the world hasn’t seen, but stay tuned because you will.

Take a peek at the gallery and tell me your thoughts!



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