Evelyn Lozada gets support for affordable products

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“Basketball Wives” star Evelyn Lozada has been working on her new cosmetics brand, E by Evelyn Cosmetics, which offers a large collection of eye shadows, make up brushes and facial toners. This morning, a fan reached out to her and gave her big support for offering affordable products. “I truly thought makeup was wayyy more expensive! I am purchasing mine this week,” the fan wrote to Evelyn, with the reality star replying “affordable.”

Being a reality television star and the wife of an NFL player, one could imagine that “Basketball Wives” star Evelyn Lozada would price her products high because of her own desire for expensive products. However, Evelyn realizes that her fans may not be as wealthy as her and in order to sell products, she needs to make them affordable. After announcing her affordable products on Twitter this morning, other fans came forward to offer their support.

“Ev, we’ve all seen your growth from season one to now and I love the woman that your becoming. Your a very inspirational woman,” wrote one fan to her, while another simply wrote “thanks!” Ever since getting married, Evelyn has been working on her own product line for “E by Evelyn Cosmetics,” filming “Ev & Ocho” and supporting her new husband as he begins training with his new NFL team, the Miami Dolphins.

It is good to see that Evelyn still takes the time to reply to her fans, like she did this morning, even if it is early in the morning. Do you think she will return to “Basketball Wives?”

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