Fall Fashion Friday! Travel Must Have!

Happy Friday Everyone!

I just landed in Detroit for my first public appearance in a while. I can’t wait to see and meet everyone in the area!  I’m so happy it’s Fall because I absolutely love scarves and I had to post about them for Fashion Friday.  They are my favorite travel accessory!  Sometimes the plane gets soooo cold and having a big scarf makes me feel so comfy and cozy. I can’t tell you how many scarves that I own!  I may have to start a line of them…hmmmm…

I have two tips for traveling with a scarf…

Tip 1: Always bring a scarf while traveling. It doesn’t matter the season, I always wear a scarf on my flights. In the summer, I normally adjust to the weather and choose to go with a scarf made of cotton or silk.  When Fall approaches, like now, I usually wear cashmere and wool during the winter. Make certain you get a scarf that is large enough because it can be used as a little blankie during your flight! I always dodge the scary airline blankets!  :)

Tip 2: Try to make use of your scarf.  One of the things I do is think about if I have an appointment as soon as I land, can I wear the same outfit to my appointment and will my scarf match?  So, I make certain to choose a scarf that can either be useful with a plain black dress or t-shirt and jeans.

Happy Travels everyone!




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