Evelyn Lozada Beauty and Makeup Tips Every Lazy or Busy Girl Should Know - BEAUTY TIPS EVERY LAZY/BUSY GIRL SHOULD KNOW


I hear all the time from the ladies around me that they don’t have time for a beauty routine, which I think is a shame so I wanted to share some time-saving tips that I’ve learned! These are also for all the ladies who say they are too lazy to have a beauty routine. The results you will see from these tips will help make your routine faster and more fun to do! For more of my beauty tips check out these posts on my blog.

  • Color your entire lid with white eyeliner first to make your eyeshadow colors POP. You might think adding on the white eyeliner is an extra step and will save you less time, but actually putting it on will make you need less layers of eyeshadow. Careful though, the white can really change your eyeshadow colors (usually in a good way though) so test a little bit first before going all out.
  • Save three steps and use a tinted moisturizer. You won’t have to put on moisturizer, wait for it to dry and then put on foundation.
  • Stick your mascara in your bra to warm it up while you do your other face stuff. It applies way better and clump-free.
  • Dry your nails faster by soaking them in ice-cold water for 2–3 minutes. (I got this tip from Sha)!
  • Another nail tip: put lip balm around your nails before you start. This will help you take off the nail polish that doesn’t get on your actual nail. Mess-free and easy!
  • Use setting spray to get your makeup to stick so you don’t have to spend the day constantly checking up and reapplying your makeup.
  • Set your lipstick, too. After you have applied your lipstick, hold a tissue over your lips and lightly dust translucent powder over the tissue.
  • Speaking of lipstick, a good idea is to apply lip balm after you put on lipstick. This will get some of the color onto your lip balm. So if your lipstick does fade later int eh day, you can apply on the lip balm, you can apply it on to quickly add some color and moisture to your lips. Of course, this isn’t the same as actually putting on the lipstick but it works in a jam since you won’t need the mirror.
  • Brush your hair after putting in conditioner to easily get out the kinks. Just brush/comb gently.
  • Invest in a multi-use product that you can use for every part of your face. These are great when you have no time. Lots of companies make products that you can use on your cheeks, lips and eyelids.
  • You should apply dry shampoo the evening before, not the morning of. Apply dry shampoo BEFORE you go to bed. The tossing and turning will help to work it in, eliminating any white powder blotches, and you’ll wake up with more volume. Sha wrote about all the uses of dry shampoo.