Shaniece and I are on another press day today, but I’ve been telling myself I had to blog on my Mother’s Day weekend because it was perfect, so I just have to do it because I’ve been slacking long enough.

First of all, the weekend was already off to an amazing start because Livin’ Lozada’s newest episode aired! I hope you guys loved it. Luis Rosario had a viewing party and even had a cake made which was amazing to see! I’d love to see pics from all of your viewing parties so make sure you tag me. Thanks for all your support!

And then of course, I got quality time with the kids who make me a mom.

If I could take all the kids in the world and throw them in a pile and pick the perfect kids, I would pick my kids out every time. They are my perfect. And, even though I’m not perfect, I hope that they always know that every day when I get up, whether I wake up on the right or the wrong side of the bed, whether I break down and cry because they said something and I’m being emotional, they are my perfect. And I’m so proud of all that they are becoming and all that they are. I can’t imagine life without them.

Plus my BFF Michele’s baby girl Alaia had her birthday party over the weekend and Leo and I had so much fun! If you guys watched my snapchat (EvelynLozadaOWN) you saw that Leo got his face painted as giraffe and he gave me pure hell when it was time to wipe this giraffe off his face!

And of course, Carl never fails to make me feel loved and special! Look what he got me!

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