Evelyn Lozada Flatten Tummy With Ab Workout Exercise Fitness Routine - SUPER-AB WORKOUT TO FLATTEN YOUR TUMMY

Yesterday I shared my quick-fix tips on how to get a flatter tummy, but like I said these were only for last-minute efforts! To actually get a toned tummy for the long term, you have to combine a great diet with exercise.

So I wanted to share my workout plan that is designed to tackle my abs.

I consulted with Celebrity trainer, Tim Hamilton of GetFit Trim (@gitfittim), who has helped me modify several different workouts not only for myself (but also for you!).

As a busy mom, I get how hard it is to get into the gym, but everyone deserves to make the time for themselves!

This workout are three exercises that will definitely help you on the road to getting that bikini-ready tummy you want, but remember that you should always vary your workouts so your muscles do not get used to the same movements.

Also remember that everyone starts off at different fitness levels! Don’t give up if the going gets tough, just keep working at it until this routine becomes a breeze for you.

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