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I’m A Turtle Expert!

Hope you guys enjoyed Saturday’s Livin’ Lozada! Check out this never-before-aired clip with me and my girlfriends and our son in Arizona! I’m definitely raising Leo to be an animal lover. He’s obsessed with turtles and we have some at home and I might know a little too much about... May 30, 2016 by

Jammin’ To J. Lo!!

Shaniece and I are out here in these NYC streets jamming to Jennifer Lopez’s I Ain’t Your Mama today! Check out our carpool karaoke lol! We almost got it perfect but Sha wasn’t paying attention smh #Boricua #Bronx #CastleHill May 26, 2016 by
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My and Shaniece’s FULL Interview on BigBoyTV!

Shaniece and I always have a good time on BigBoyTV and we’re talking about everything from my time on “Basketball Wives,” meeting Oprah and the crazy things I told her, what we wish we didn’t post on social media, about my miscarriages… and so much more!! May 25, 2016 by