Fun w/ Sha & New Nail Game…

This is what we do before we start filming Livin’ Lozada (can you guys believe the first episode is airing on SATURDAY?! Ahhh get excited!) And yes I may have had some of what she was having afterwards lol! And check out my new nail game… May 2, 2016 by

My Newest Snapchat Videos!

I’m on Snap now! I was fighting this new app (you can only learn so many before it gets to be too much lol! Maybe I’m starting to feel my age with all this new technology!) but I don’t think I can any longer. April 29, 2016 by

Hang Out With Me and Sha on Facebook Live!

Want to know what Sha and I have been up to since last season? Hang out with us on OWN’s Facebook Live, today at 3:30pm ET! That’s in less than an hour!! And make sure to tune in to our season 2 premiere on May 7! April 28, 2016 by

10 Everyday Things That Age You

We all know aging is just a part of life, and everyone’s gotta grow old but that won’t stop us from trying to figure out ways to slow down the process as much as possible! Who doesn’t want to be mistaken for younger than you are as you get older?... April 22, 2016 by