Evelyn Lozada Tips on Picking The Right Perfect Swimsuit - My 5 Tips To Find Your Perfect Swimsuit

I know that no matter how beautiful a woman may be, she can be self-concious in a swimsuit. We’ve all been there, and we might still be there, but no more!! EVERYONE deserves to enjoy the summer sun in something that makes them feel fierce. Don’t let swimsuit get you down – here are some tips to find the perfect swimsuit to bring out the best you!

  1. Stop looking at those magazines. Ok, this one I feel like is the most important. Do not compare yourself to anyone else, period. There is no one like you out there and be proud of that. There is beauty in everyone and in you.
  2. Know yourself and your body. Just know what your assets are and don’t be afraid to flaunt those! And whatever you’re insecure about, hide those. And just know your style. If bright colors or fringe or cut-outs just aren’t your thing, don’t force it. Pick something you will feel beautiful in.
  3. Go shopping and be open-minded. With that said though… be open-minded. Just because you’ve never tried a bright color or fringe or cut-outs doesn’t mean you can’t rock it! Give it a chance and sometimes just trying it on can seal the deal! As you grow up, things that you used to look good on you may not look as good so don’t be afraid to experiment a little bit.
  4. Mix and match! This is specifically for two-pieces but Shaniece loves mixing and matching her swimsuits and I recommend this for everyone too! Sometimes the right top just doesn’t go with the right bottom. You can make your own perfect two-piece! Some places will even let you interchange solid patterns and colors. For large busts, go for supportive halter tops that are solid colors. And for small chests, find cute padded or patterned bikini tops. If you’re not comfortable with your bottom, maybe wear a patterned top that will draw eyes up or even cover it up with boy shorts or skirted bottoms. If you want to flaunt your backside, then work string bottoms or the low-rise!
  5. Find a cute cover-up. I don’t want to tell you to hide behind a coverup, but sometimes it helps you ease in! A cute sun hat and sunglasses are also some needed beach accessories!
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